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Historic Murals

As one of the oldest town in the Adelaide Hills Nairne has a rich history and a fascinating story to tell.

The first country show was held in Nairne - we now know it as the Adelaide Show! Amos Howard discovered subterranean clover and altered the whole of farming throughout Australia. We had the first wind driven flour mill, the first address on the new Torrens Title land registration system.

Our murals depict scenes from that story going all the way back to the first settlers and founders.

All the murals were painted by local artists, children from the Nairne School, members of the 'Big Week Out Festival group' and a young disabled group.

Come take a stroll back through the history of one of the oldest townships in South Australia.

You can download a pdf of the guided Mural and Historic Walk leaflet by clicking here. Or you can pick one up in most of the shops in Nairne or the visitor centre in Hahndorf.

Interpretive plaques

To further illustrate the historic buildings and locations in Nairne a collection of interpretive plaques have been placed at key locations along the historic walk.

The following is a list of the plaques as downloadable pdfs.

Plaque 1

Plaque 2

Plaque 3

Plaque 4

Plaque 5

Plaque 6

Plaque 7

Plaque 8

Plaque 9

Plaque 10

Plaque 11